Custodian services

Huntley Custodians Limited (HCL), which is part of the Huntley Group, has extensive experience acting as a custodian for a variety of projects including property, finance, resource and agribusiness that hold tier-$500,000 assets.

Responsible entities may choose to appoint a custodian to separately hold the scheme’s assets.

What is a custodian?

A custodian holds a scheme’s assets as agent for the RE keeping them separate from its own assets and the assets of other trusts.

What is the role of a custodian?

The custodian’s role is to holds title to the scheme’s assets and its activities may include:

  • maintaining bank accounts.
  • making payments as required by the client.
  • issuing cash movement, compliance and audit reports.
  • executing contracts for the sale and purchase of assets .

Who would typically seek the services of a custodian?

A custodian would typically be sought by:

  • Promoters or investment managers wishing to establish a managed investment scheme in Australia.
  • An RE wanting to appoint or replace their existing custodian.

What are the benefits of engaging the services of a custodian?

Engaging a custodian, such as HCL being part of The Huntley Group, provides the following benefits:

  • A custodian holding the assets allows the RE and/or trust manager to focus on managing the fund.
  • As a custodian, we will hold title to the schemes assets.
  • Appointing a custodian can promote investor confidence.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please contact us.